sweet list

i'm on a lifelong quest to overcome my love affair with sugar.
i have a pretty obnoxious sweet tooth.

so, i swore off refined sugar & it's fake substitutes at the beginning of the year.
just to kinda cleanse me of how super yucky it makes me feel [in body+ spirit.]

it's been a challenge for sure,
{but} i've done pretty awesome abstaining,
*with the giant exception of this weekend & today.

so, to keep me motivated in continuing, i'm making a top-ten of the sweet things in my life.

'cause truly, life is sweet enough, i don't need food to make me happy.

1. myron's sense of humor & support & love
2. the gospel of jesus christ
3. spontaneous hugs & kisses from my babies
4. generous, service-oriented family
5. afternoons spent in the backyard
6. late nights creating/work fests
7. a heavenly father that i can pray to anytime, anywhere
8. a cozy home where i feel safe
9. endless opportunity for learning
10. amazing friends & inspiring acquaintances

my goal is to eventually, someday, find balance with it all....moderation in all things-style.

but until then, i'm just [trying] to really learn & remember that i can find sweetness everywhere around me - not just in a cupcake. :)


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

you go girl!

i feel your pain.

Jess and I just started a diet. No added sugar is definitely a part of it. 7 days {almost} down and 61 to go!

Unknown said...

you are definitely on my list of inspiring friends, btw. i don't know what i am going to do when i don't have the prego excuse!

Bekah: said...

and "until then" enjoy life.

umm, i think we need to be friends irl. you are amazing.

KP said...

perfectly said :)

Bev said...

You are one STRONG lady!! Keep it up, you're a better woman than I am!!

Unknown said...

guess what? I went off of soda too for every day but, 1 day per week. I get diet rite( that I had on nutri system in 1990, when I thought I was fat but, was oh so thin)

on the other days and it makes a huge difference. Women swell from water from excessive sodium, salt etc. that causes your heart to stress.
I had some pulse rates going up but, excellent blood pressure.
the soda=corn syrup=fat is not good for anyone.

so, meanwhile I have lost 20lbs and I am on to losing 40 more. I have lost a ton of inches and that is about it.

way to go girl!