life is so daily

my favorite kind of posts are ones that i blog about nothing.
aka, i empty my camera card for the morning & narrate the boring details of my existence.

livy is sick.
well, she has a cold and a mild fever.
and-we are playing the infamous ear infection game.
[should i spend a $35 copay to have the doctor tell me she's fine?]

i am still dreaming about my dinner last night.
twice baked potato w/ a titch of sour cream, a little cheddar, chopped broccoli & red bell pepper.
holy yum. and filling.

we've been reading the scrips as a fam this year [kids version]...
and we finished 1st nephi last night.
chloe's been documenting each chapter in her scripture journal the primary presidency made for her.
makes my momma-♥ so happy.

and this slime is my new favorite snack.
1 mango, handful of kale, strawbs, oj.
so refreshing & guilt-free.

hi myron!
and your delicious sea-green eyes/ adorable freckles.
i love you. {even though you were mocking me when i took this.}

and, i'll leave you dudes with
chloe doing grass angels in the front yard, in her jams at noon.
go mhs.


Laura Blue said...

sounds perfect, minus that fact that liv isn't feeling well. hope she's better soon. that twice baked potatoe looks oh so yummy. i think i'll be making those soon! yum!

The Wizzle said...

I almost licked my screen, that potato looks so yummy. Why oh WHY do my children hate potatoes? Seriously, potatoes? Who hates potatoes?!

Bev said...

You and your fam make me "smile so big"! I love your posts about nothing.....they're always about something special and yummy!!

n!c said...

BAM! :)

granny said...

Sorry Liv...boo to being sick. Love the pictures and the everyday lifeness of it all.

Kaytie Brown said...

We totally got the BAM shirt jammies going on out here too. Miss ya.

The Parkers said...

um can I get the recipes for the potatos and the exact measurements for the juice/liquid beverage both look yummie!

Kate said...

We had twice baked potatoes last night too. Delightful. :)