never a dull moment

re: my last post,
[i just wanted to say]
thank you for such encouraging & thoughtful comments:
*whether on the blog, fb, in person, or via text.
means the world to me to have such a sweet support system in my life.


in other news, mr. miyagi is really hating life lately.
{see above picture}

i think chloe's trying to pay him back for this.


Mark Dixon said...

That photo is wonderful! How far did Mr. Miyagi pull her?

Kristen said...

Seriously. That girl is a crack up!

Emmy Z. said...

Too funny!

The Wizzle said...

Ahahahaha! Hand in your Man Card, Mr. Miyagi. It's over.

granny said...

So funny. Hope it was a fun ride! He might wise up next time. Hahahha.

Bev said...

You know what they say about "pay backs".....hahahahahaha!!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

lol made me chuckle! mr miyagi is SO cute!

Alisse Baldwin said...

Um, hi friend!
I am super behind on blogging, and am slowly catching up on my Angieinpinkness. And... you are amazing! I would never believe you if you said you had insecurities because you are always so fun, happy, and your positive energy radiates & flows into other people! Plus, you seem flawless when in person- always so funny, and cute, and just darling!