12 hr shift

spent the day @ my favorite scrapbook/fabric store,

planning/creating/kitting & carrying out my photo frenzy class.

thanks to everyone who came/ordered kits!

and now, my bed needs me.
i've been SUCH an airhead/soooo absentminded the past few days.

i'm hoping it's just sleep related,
so i can get caught up tonight & be back to my {only sort of} ding-y self tomorrow!

sweet dreams!


Rachael Larsen said...

It looks like fabric heaven. You were so right!

Lori said...

Next time you need help kitting - call me. I would love to help you!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

thanks for the class! i loved it...as always! you disappeared and i didn't get to say goodbye! but thanks! see you next month :)

Jamie said...

♥ you!

Heidi said...

You're so wonderfully creative! How do you do it month after month?

Bev said...

I ♥ seeing you there.....it makes me happy!!