to everything there is a season

march has been a busy season.
and april looks like it might be even busier.

going back to part-time work has meant [very] little free time.
like, i don't even know what's going on with american idol! *scandelous!*

but [all in all] things are great.
feeling challenged and stretching out of my comfort zone is proving to be very liberating & satisfying.

learning how to be a ward camp director.
learning the ins & outs of coupon sense. [rocks so far.]
learning how to balance a new schedule.
learning that i have [a lot] to work on with balancing said schedule & that's okay.
[and] {in the meantime}
learning to be comfortable with a small dose of healthy-chaos.

i end each busy day with a prayer of gratitude for a husband that loves, honors & serves me... charming children that challenge [make me slightly crazy at times] and inspire me deeply...and an extended family that supports & strengthens us in a moment's notice.

being busier helps me stay more conscious & live in the moment.
and i like it.


granny said...

Love the bunny ears. Go you!

Unknown said...


You are amazing! Keep up your wonderful life!

Bev said...

.........all that and you still had time to get your Visiting Teaching done.....lucky us!!

runningfan said...

It sounds like a happy life!

Staci said...

busy, busy!!! But I'm the same way...business helps me stay more conscious as well & I definitely don't waste as much time, because there just isn't any to waste!

rachbechep said...

oh hey...you're gorgeous!
and chloe's little ears make me happy.
you're awesome ang...but you know that! :)

Devin said...

Um, you should have told me you were doing coupon sense. We could have shared my membership! I mean that would be illegal...

Angie Milne said...

hiiiiii! you're so funny, of course i remember you! (how could i forget you and your mustard colored cardi that you wore the first time we met at church, i was obsessed!) plus, i love to look at your blog from time to time for a little inspiration, hope that doesn't make ME a stalker... congrats on the calling, you are going to have SO much fun! fairfield ward yw are the greatest!!! i'll admit i'm a little jealous... You can totally use the printout, i just hope the quality is alright. I made it on picnik and sometimes it doesn't print quite like I would like it to. If you have photoshop and can adjust the size, that works best. Let me know if you need anything else!

joeyship said...

You go girl! You're doing a great job!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

you are super-ang!!

your life is amazing! :)

Durfee Family said...

You and your girls are beautiful! Glad you are rock-ing Coupon Sense! Let me know if you have any questions!

{totally jealous about girls camp!}


Lori said...

You take the cutest pictures. I love this one!!