couch potato

ask me if i saved up all my loads of wash for today
so i could feel productive & fold my little heart out
during tonight's 2 hour season premiere of the bachelorette.

why yes, yes. i did.

oh, the, drama.
oh the awkward drama!
could you die @ mask face man?
i {love} wine vineyard guy.
please die bentley.
and first impression rose was a good choice, IMO.

and though i'm [not] much of a huge ashley h. fan,
i will probably watch the whole season anyway.

tomorrow i shall iron & sew cute yellow ruffles on pillowcases for camp
while i watch the biggest loser finale! [go olivia!!!]

i heart tv.


The Wizzle said...

I like to maintain a standing ironing pile so I always have an excuse to hole up with an HGTV marathon!

Durfee Family said...

I save my laundry so I can talk on the phone w/out guilt! I personally think we are Brilliant!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

I love that you love tv because I do too! So this is my first experience watching Bachelorette and I love it. We call "wine guy" stable boy, because of his long hair. And yes hate Bentley. "I'm not really attracted to her, but I'm don't like to lose...." please die.

mamamuniz said...

I wasn't going to watch this season (not an Ashley fan either) but now I might have to! And how smart to save your folding for the show, shear genious!

granny said...

Love the laundry pile. I plan to iron while watching AI tonight. :) We are so good at dovetailing, aren't we?

KP said...

im cheering for Olivia as well...yay!! :) and yes. bachelorette... i love it!

Sassy said...

Not a fan of Ashley but am watching it.....I liked the butcher boy from Jersey......the mask guy WHAT A FREAK! Bentley....why when she was warned???????? Liked the 1st impression guy and the wine boy.....and I understand piles of laundry.....that is what works for me too!

Heather said...

That laundry pile resembles my laundry room! I think I'll bring it to the couch tonight...thanks for the inspiration! lol

PS...Will you do a camp post about all the awesome things you're doing? I need some more ideas for our girls!