it's too bad they don't come with an owner's manual.
they are so amazing, and beautiful, and full of potential....
sometimes i'm afraid my amateur parenting is messin' them up.

like, let's be real.
i'm totally faking it.
i don't know how to do this.
being a parent is hard!

parenting requires lots and lots of patience.
and faith.
and money.

*all of which i could use some more of right now.

one thing i know i'm good on, is the love part.
oh, how i love them.
so, so, so much.

i know they feel it.
i know they know it.
that's gotta count for something, right?


The Wizzle said...

That's all that counts. Everyone else can be faked. You're amazing!

one of the boys said...

agreed. I could use some parent school big time! But no worries, your darlings are too cute and just worrying about being a good parent tells me you are a fantastic one!!! love it.

one of the boys said...

hmm apparently I am logged in with Lee's email. I am not one of the boys, but know as amanda p. aka the sister to emily and julia aka owner of pie in the sky photography aka your friend. ;)

Beth Curtis said...

Amen to all the above. I feel ya girl but I wouldn't change being a momma for anything!

granny said...

Pretty much the love part is the important part. We all fake it. Still. There is no mother-in-law manual, no granny manual, and no old-age manual. We do it the best we can, day after day. I think you are an amazingly wonderful mother.

Sassy said...

IT ABSOLUTELY COUNTS!!!! And.....right in the middle of ordinary life.....your LOVE gives them a fairytale....


VICKI IN AZ said...

Yes mam that is what counts for everything. snif, snif. Ang. you just get it chick... believe me you can trust yourself. xoxo

rachbechep said...

your girls are so lucky to have such a LOVING mother. you're awesome ang!