beauty everywhere

i was super bitter this afternoon.
my car broke down & i was just so annoyed.
i got a little sad about it, and then i got cranky.
i was cranky that one more expensive/annoying thing was now on my plate.
*as if didn't have enough of those things already.

i pouted for a while.
i felt sorry for myself...
and my crummy mood just accentuated my messy house & mile-long todo list.

at some point though, i knew that i could:
a. wallow in all the negativity & problems
b. seek beauty & focus on the happy

right off, i noticed:
♥our first sunflower of the season had bloomed
♥the quail hatched some more eggs {we are getting about a dozen/day!}
♥the sun was shining

those three things encouraged me to find a better attitude.

life is not perfect.

i will probably never be rich, but i am so richly blessed with family&love.

cars will break down.

things will go wrong.
trials will {and do!} come.

...but the important thing to remember
is that there is beauty all around me,

{when i decide} to look for it.


rachbechep said...

No fun!!! But how awesome is it that you immediately can recognize how wonderful life really is...it's the little things!!! Love ya sister!

Bev said...

Don't forget Sweetiepie will help you where ever your car craps out on you......don't let it get you down....grrrrr!! Enjoy your Father's Day!!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

ive been in your place where you have a negative perspective, and then when somethin simple makes you smile and become happy! you're right, life ain't perfect, but we got perfect moments! <3

granny said...