playing catch-up

since arriving home from camp, i've been going-going-going.

between being really busy with work & keeping the kiddos fed/entertained/alive,
i've fallen more & more behind on keepin' my life organized.

today was dedicated to:
wiping surfaces,
vacuuming floors,
& reclaiming my dignity one dirty dish at a time.

i'm on my last load of laundry &
i plan to fold, fold, fold, {until the cows come home}
over some scandalous bachelorette.

it is quite literally, a blessing straight from heaven,
that my sweet, bored children played so amazing today...
so that their overwhelmed mother could get something done.

i've accomplished enough today, that i feel prepared to make
paying bills,
a post office trip,
& catching up on couponing
tomorrow's joy.

it's amazing what good ol' [hard work] can do for my spirit.

life is lookin' up. ♥


Unknown said...

Dear Chloe and Olivia,

Bless your darling hearts for helping your mama have a great day!


Aunt Heidi

P.S. Can you ESP some of your "playing nicely" vibes to your naughty Colorado cousins?

rachbechep said...

Oh angie! We'll be doing the same thing tonight! Tv plus laundry!... I've neglected it for a couple weeks! :(

The Wizzle said...

God bless timely happy puttering kids!

Bev said...

There's just something about going away to camp that makes you want to come home and clean up.....amazing, isn't it. I love your little kitchen but I've never seen it messy!! ♥

onehm said...

I LOVE your gusto...I'm going to try to snag some from you and go with it here at my house! :)
SO GLAD that your kiddos played so nicely. It's a rarity around here and I know what a big difference it makes!

granny said...

You rock. I'm trying to make myself go start the bathroom. Bah.