rise & shine & give god some glory, glory!

i took a few minutes this morning
to snap some pictures
of things that make me {really} happy.

i'm so grateful for everything heavenly father has given me. ♥
happy {first day of summer} everyone!


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

you're awesome. sunflowers are my fave. chloe's shirt-!!:) girls' clothes are super colorful and cute..and your outfit/shoes/ties way cute!

onehm said...

I'm pretty sure I now need to find a gumball machine for my counter. It looks SO HAPPY there. :) Those little bowls are too cute as well.

Bev said...

Love this.....happy just oozes out of you and your babes!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Ang, have you reached your quota of washing lil' girls' panties? :)

Great pics!

Marilyn said...

You have chickens?? That is the awesomest thing ever! If you do, do share!