man vs. mess

i'd like to publicly apologize to anyone who witnessed my awful attitude this morning, from approximately 9am-present time.

i'm currently sitting on my bed, in mom-time-out, whilst chloe eats her lunch over netflix & livy sleeps after "crying it out" in baby prison.

btw: after a 20 minute tantrum, this is how i found her naked self/her surroundings:

so yeah, hmmm.....
perhaps i spoke too soon, when i wrote this post?

let's just say,
chloe & i just made "magic smoothies" to "help us have a better day."

and after our mandatory time out,
we are going to sing 5,000 rounds of
"when we are helping we're happy" & "clean up, clean up"
until every toy is in it's proper place & our sinks are lemony fresh.

this week's FHE will be a special lesson brought to the fam by yours truly,
entitled....."how to live like a civilized person"....
complete with demonstrations on how to put dirty clothes in the hamper,
dishes in the sink,
and trash in the acutal garbage can.

i'm a firm believer that the spirit dwells where there is order & calm.
and this mama {desperately} needs her order & calm.
*order and calm, where are you!? i miss you!

my problem isn't that i don't know how to be organized.
i do.
i have the skills and the desire.
i actually recognize it as a talent of mine, when put to good use.

i'm just busy.
and i allow my house to suffer over other priorities.

everyone tells me to take time for me.
but time for me = a disorganized, messy abode.
and it's not worth it to me anymore.

motherhood is a big, fat service project,
one that i am extremely grateful to be a part of-

and if "time for me" means i'm cleaning toilets so i'll be in a better mood....
i just need to stop whining, glove up & grab the comet. ♥


The Wizzle said...

I'm the same way. People are always telling me to "let the house go and relax!" but, see, those two things really cannot both happen at once for me. Clean the house, THEN I can relax!

Good for you for putting yourself in time-out. It needs to be done sometimes, but it's so hard to recognize it and follow through. Hoping it works!

Staci said...

I'm laughing, but also want to cry for you because I know exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes I wonder HOW WE DO IT?? Send that FHE lesson my way when you are done;)

And I think this was the kick in the pants I needed to go clean my toilets that are far too disgusting for my happiness.

Bev said...

I love the pic of Liv and the {baby prison}....I laugh every time I think of it! I love that little one.....she is ADORABLE!! Especially loved the way she stripped down in Nursery yesterday.....{{made my day!}}

Amy said...

Angie.. YOU are hilarious! Truly, You need to write a book. You are a very wise woman amidst all you hillariosity. BTW are you still in R.S.??? I miss seeing you...


Becky said...

Amen! I have been a Royal grouch lately since my house seems to be never ending messy. I need a cleaning schedule, but how do I/we stick to it when life is so dang busy? Ah, life. :)

granny said...

I had a similar conversation about the state of the house today with R-Dawg. I want a clean house again!