the weekend i learned that a messy house is not the end of the world

let's just say,
i've been a little lazy the past few days.

well, unmotivated might be a prettier word.

i somehow obtained a crazy-wicked stomach flu over the holiday,
that was quite literally, plotting to take away my life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.

*it wiped me out for a good 3.78 days.

between the bouts of barfing & season 2/3 of celebrity rehab, {i ♥ dr. drew!}
i completely lost my ability to be a functioning citizen of the dunn household.

i'm done with the sick part now, but i'm still trying to regain my energy slash motivation.

i did manage to run to costco yesterday, and swimming lessons today......but i'm like a 95 year old senior cit, that can only schedule one event/day....even if that event = checking the mail. {which i failed to accomplish today, btw.}

i [have] kept my children alive and loved and [mostly] fed at the appropriate times,
plus i've worked at the store in the evenings...

the house needs a good ol' fashioned de-ghetto.
certain persons who shall remain nameless are on their last pair of clean underwear. {tmi?}
my yard is the definition of a hot mess.
i'm like, 75 months behind on grocery shopping/couponing.

and the beauty of it all is: i'm not really that stressed about it.
i'll catch up eventually....one day at a time, status.

i'd usually be freaking out over the state of my surroundings right now,
but if there is [one thing] that i learned from my weekend of reality television,
it's that my "problems" are not real problems.

so many people suffer in this world that need help and compassion and support.
like, they have been through crazy-hard things, that i can't even {begin} to imagine.

and i get stressed over mopped floors.


i'm over it.
life's too fragile & short & important to be freaked out about the things i freak out about.

*but i am gonna go start a load of whites when i finish this post.
because no clean underwear is where i draw the line.


granny said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope the energy comes back soon! Stuff like that sucks every ounce of energy out of you. Bah.

Bev said...

hahahahahaha!! So dang funny.....ps. I have a crush on Dr. Drew.....so he's already taken!!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

love this! i've been {slowly} learning this too. so i'm behind on laundry and the dishwasher needs to be emptied and there is stuff cluttering my bathroom counter...so what? my kid is fed and loved. my hubby is fed and loved (even if it was a microwavable dinner). and that's enough! the other stuff will get done when it gets done! like...now!

Stephanie said...

What a great reminder! Thanks for posting this. Hope you get feeling better soon. And Dr Drew has been a secret crush of mine for a very long time... he's wonderful! ;)

The Wizzle said...

LOL! Those priorities sound dead on to me. :)

The thing about housework is that, no matter how good it looks, you are literally ONE DAY away from total chaos so it's not like keeping on top of it is really some great benefit. That sink will be full of dishes in a couple of hours anyway, whether or not you empty it now!

maccam said...

Sickness is the worst! So glad you're feeling better!

You are an inspiration girlie!

Jamie said...

Glad your better - {♥} you!

joeyship said...

You are spot on. I figured out this concept a few years back, but every now and then I forget. Thanks for the reminder.... Glad you are feeling better.