the power of 1 minute

my cute blog friend, onehm, posted this lovely link [on organizing] {a while back}...and i love, love, loved the ideas. particularly, the {one minute rule} is really helping me get my life in order-ish. it's a great tool to fight perfectionism....or as i like to call it: my all-or-nothing personality disorder. :)

last week, my aunt turned me on to the happiness project blog & i can't get enough! the author vlogs about the one minute rule {here}. a few of you have recommended [the happiness project] book to me & i bought it tonight w/ some b-day money. {thanks katie!} i can't [wait] to read it!

but now, i think i'll take {a minute} to replace the 12 burnt-out lightbulbs in my house, because i'm tired of living in a cave. ♥


The Wizzle said...

Yes, I'm a big fan of this method! I hope it works for you. <3

(Also, David has that disease. It must be hereditary.)

Durfee Family said...

you are amazing! You always find things that I've been thinking about and needing! Thanks for helping ME! :)

The Garner Family said...

"all-or-nothing personality disorder" Love the term and I TOTALLY have it. Can't wait to look into this 1 minute rule :)

onehm said...

I cannot believe I made the blog. I'm HONORED.
And I'm so excited to read about the one minute rule!! :) Thanks for sharing!