running a tighter ship

after my
mini meltdown last week,
i decided it was time, yet again,
to renew a sense of structure around here.

my kids are still little,
but they aren't [too little] to learn some basic responsibility.

chloe will be starting school {really} soon-
so, i figured we better start practicing our morning routine.

i made some paper/velcro responsibility charts,
similar to the ones we've done in the past,
only this time i got smart-ish & had them laminated. :)

we also invested in some pretty little banks for the girls to start keeping track of their earnings. {each day they'll have the opportunity of having 1 job that makes 'em a little coin-age.}

my trouble with chores & routines...
is that they make me tired & seem to require a lot more energy than it would if i just did the stuff myself.

but i have to remember that teaching them to love work is a gift.

[and] that i am training a little army that will help me maintain this little home of ours for the happy years to come. ♥


Sam and Sarah Rogers- Est. 2003- said...

what a great idea...I can't wait to hear the results.

Heidi said...

Good luck! We ebb and flow with chores around here, too. It's tough to watch the seven-year-old vacuum...but I tell myself it's worth the effort in the long run!

Staci said...

haha, I just finished making charts for my boys this morning---ours are for bedtime routine, because we have been STRUGGLING in this area, but next up are day time & chore charts. I love the banks! Where did you find them, if I might ask?

Unknown said...

oh how i wish i had kids old enough for chores. i am staring at the abyss that is my house wondering how all you-types have the motivation/energy to get it all done. good to know the melt-downs are universal.

granny said...

I really miss my little army. Somehow we have gotten off track in our old age. hahaha

Bev said...

As usual......AMAZING!! I wanna come live at your house!!

cheryl said...

I made many of those charts back in the day but none as cute & creative as yours! What a fun mom you are!!! I love those little banks...where did you find them?

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

okay...those are so cute! really.

Leslie said...

Ahh...reinstating chore charts is such a fun task. Until it has to be enforced approximately 10.2 minutes later. :) One of my mantras is "It's a lot harder to be their teacher instead of their slave, but the payoff is incredible!"

maccam said...

I'm in LOVE with that