my spring zinnias died a long time ago.

i tore them out and we endured a long summer of boring dirt/weeds in the flowerbed.

but across our little doorstep,
in the gravel, a tiny seed sprouted
and a beautiful zinnia grew & bloomed among the rocks.
it steadily grew & grew, in the wicked arizona heat, without water.

and i believe god made it a pink one, just for me.

such a little thing-but it inspires me.

i love walking outside to the bus stop every morning with the girls and observing it's growth & progress.

...and taking with me throughout the day,

it's reminder,
that we can all bloom where we are planted.

there is beauty, even when our circumstances are difficult.

there are opportunities for growth, even when things seem destitute & rough.

there is potential to be reached and goals to be achieved, no matter what the odds.

look to the sunshine & live.


Sassy said...

I love little reminders.....valentines from Heaven......it is beautiful...like you my friend!!!!

granny said...

Absolutely love this. :)

Jenny Johnson said...

Reading your of every day is inspiring. Thanks!!

Natalie said...

i forgot how much i love blog stalking you and will definitely be starting again. hope you're ready :)