happiness project, step 3: honor your truth

step two of my happiness project lasted kind of a long time,
because it was a humbling experience.

i learned about a lot of things i need to work on as a friend, family member & human.

i learned a lot of my strengths & weaknesses when it comes to being genuine.

knowledge is power!
i can celebrate the good inside of me & change what i am not proud of.

i also re-visited something i already know about myself:
my deepest heartaches and conflicts stem from falling into old patterns.

so, step 3 is about working on that.
it'll be more than letting go.
it'll be about restoring things that were lost.

i'm taking soul restoration 2 @
bravegirlsclub.com for the next 6 weeks.
and i can already tell it is going to absolutely change my life.
i've already begun my self-work & it's going to be so enlightening & empowering.

i'm going to try something i've never really done before:
i'm going to keep my goals & processes for the next little while totally private.
i'm not going to blog about it. {i'll blog about other fun things instead!}

i'm going to spend several weeks working on solving the issues
that seem to be causing me to feel weak, less-than & not enough.

i'm going to hold {myself} accountable,
without needing others approval to feel worthy & important.
i am going to reduce the inner noise, focus and work on honoring my truth.

it'll all be between myself & my god.
*the way it should be.

thanks to all you lovely souls who read my blog &
support me in my wonderful, happy, challenging, struggling, beautiful, crazy life.
i can feel it, and i love you. ♥


granny said...

Go you! Sounds very productive. Best wishes...you know I'm always here.

maccam said...

Keep posting Ang! You inspire more than you will ever know. Love, me

Bev said...

You're amazing! Love you and every single thing you've added to my life!! You go girl!!

Lori said...

You silly girl ~ you're thanking those who read your blog, but you're helping us to recognize our blessings and to be happy. I am looking forward to this weekend (I know you are too) and for the uplifting messages that will help and encourage me to my own Happiness Project. It does only take one person to change your life: a sweet friend (you).

Natalie said...

Yours is one of the three blogs I check daily. I hardly know you, but just feel like we're soul sisters. Really. Every single thing you say I agree with. I wish my writing could sound as awesome as yours. You put my thoughts on paper - and I like how it sounds. So I'll just read yours to know what it is I really think. :) That Soul Restoration thing looks cool. I'm interested to hear more about it!

rachbechep said...

i am loving your happiness project posts...makes me happy.

and seeing you tonight, made me overally happy!