genius baby

liv came up with the amazing idea to
drink her yogurt from a upcycled circle-k straw in the morning.

i give her a spoon,
she throws it,
finds daddy's latest 44ozer,
steals the big blue straw,
i trim it down to baby-size,
& she's in business.

it cracks me up every time
& makes {way less} of a mess than the self-spoon-fed method.

happy toddler, minimum mess.
win-win. :)


Jamie said...

Smart, just like her mama!

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Your baby is a genius! She's going to invent something brilliant some day.

Brandis said...

Clever girl. :) My sister used to have my nieces drink their soup through a straw to minimize the mess too. :)

Unknown said...

Another other genius toddler food trick is cut a banana in half, and eat out of it with a baby spoon. Way less messy than a kid with a peeled banana!

granny said...

Very clever, Liv! Now if we could figure out a way to make yogurt taste better....have her call Granny if she figures that one out!