oh yeah, i have a blog

i've been a {tad} weak-sauce with the blogging...i feel a little boring lately.

i took a picture of my lunch today because it was really pretty & made me happy,
.....but other than that, i got nothin'.

life is swell & uneventful.
i like boring.
feels nice.


The Wizzle said...

That looks delicious! <3

And I should have taken a picture of my dang lunch today, because then I would have something to blog. I am seriously drawing a blank the last couple of weeks.

Lori said...

If I had taken a picture of my lunch it would just show that I am not eatting healthy like you. Good for you Angie!!

Jamie said...


Unknown said...

I thought about taking a picture of my lunch today because it was so freakin' unhealthy....

granny said...

Let's see...did I have lunch? I think I just had a late breakfast. Scrambled eggs. The yellow plate was on the top of the pile, but I just couldn't eat eggs on a yellow plate. Haha. Orange did the trick.