oh my precious liv.
i feel like i never blog about her because i take most of my photos while she's sleeping.

if i take photos while she's awake,
my house is covered in the contents of:
some kind of liquid soap,
powdered food,
wet wipes,
or cracked eggs.

yes, she's two.
she's intense.

but boy, is she an angel.
those big blue happy eyes of hers- they speak to my soul.
she came to our family at just the right season.
her spirit is a comfort to me...reminds me that all good things happen in the lord's timing.

as she was coloring a few moments ago, she shouted, "i did it!" with every marker she opened. [it was the cutest thing ever...] and then she came up to me, where i was eating my eggs, and commanded, "in my mouf!" i finally surrendered my plate of eggs to her, for her to finish. and then she went and filled a pitcher of water & used that for her drink to go with her meal. and now, she's as happy as a clam, eating her second breakfast [my breakfast], drinking from the biggest water cup in the house.

i love my demanding, beautiful, amazing, sweet, sweet baby.
so blessed to call her mine. ♥


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

she is darling! what a sweet blessing :)

granny said...

Those big blue eyes are MY MOM'S! She is so adorable.

Unknown said...

Oh, how I wish that Liv and Lex could play together. They'd love it. (And make a real mess.)

mademoisellechitchat said...

I love this baby.

Bev said...

She's one of my fav's!! I love being with her in nursery.....she so cracks me up....she is for sure a girl who knows what she wants!! Love her and you too!!

Sam and Sarah Rogers- Est. 2003- said...

What a doll face!