3 bears in a bed & the little one said, "roll over"

wednesdays are our nevaeh day.
cousin "bay bay" {livy's nickname for her} comes to play!

this photo was taken last week,
but pretty much every week
they all chill together in the hammock
at one point or another. :)
cracks me up.


The Roberts Family said...

Nevaeh loves wen. cuz she gets to play with Chloeliby :)

granny said...

Cute as three bugs in a rug. Seriously.

(Where did that old saying come from, anyway? They must have liked bugs better than I do.)

Bev said...

Lucky you for getting to hang with such little cuties!! Just be glad they're chillin' in the hammock and not being "little monkey's jumpin' on the bed"! cute for sure...all of you!!