around the house

christmas gift from rachel & david's family...
cutest wreath ever, made out of {quoting dave} "a bunch of really ugly sweaters"....
it coordinates so happy with my colorfully random home, and i smile every time i see it.

bookworm chloe doing her AR reading after school.
i ♥ arthur as well. "A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K"-remember that episode?

livy & her random obsession.
girlfriend isn't potty trained & still drinks from a bottle,
*but* she does have a large bowl of leafy greens daily.
do we get points for that? haha :)

the love note i came home to after mutual.
makes me want to be a hermit & never leave my babies...
...even more than i already desire to be a hermit & never leave my babies. :)
*i miss you too, chlo'.

'vaeh building a castle.
and her cute sparkly toms.
such a cutiepie.

my grandma's?/mom's? vintage juicer that we busted out this week.
i have big plans for juicing random concoctions in my future.
i was allergic to milk as a baby, so my mom spent lots of time using this hog to juice me carrot juice back in the 80's.
she suggested i try juicing some carrots & see if it tastes familiar!
i'm totally gonna!
makes me happy.


Bev said...

I'm impress.....Livy and greens....who would have thought, and I love your ugly sweater wreath!

Unknown said...

I love this post! Such cute and fun stuff. Livy and spinach? Really? That rocks! I'm forcing myself to eat a salad every day for lunch...waa...

The Wizzle said...

I *love* the wreath! I know that's silly, because I made it, so of course I like it, but it looks like it was made for your house! Hello, wreath, meet curtains. I think you're going to be friends.

granny said...

I think that juicer MIGHT have been MY grandmother's. :)

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

{1} I want to see your entire colorfully random home. Because color makes me happy.

{2} I MISS ARTHUR! Best show ever. Haha.

{3} I wish I could actually enjoy a bowl of spinach. Instead, I eat it and don't. Way to go, Ang! Miracle mom!

{4} Juice recipe:

3 carrots (no need to peel them)
2 celery stalks
1 Apple
1 Orange
Handful of spinach

Juice and enjoy! It's my favey fave go-to juice recipe!

Sassy said...

Your HOME makes me happy........would you adopt me!!!!! Chloe's note TOTALLY impresses me......little smartie!!! YES...I think you deserve points for sure for the greens.....YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!!!!

becky+cade said...

my nephew jac {marshall's boy} is a very picky eater, but chelsea will juice a bunch of fruit and veggies and he'll chug it!! she throws in whatever she's got {carrots, cucumbers, apples, bananas, zucchini, seriously whatever} and jack totally loves it. i want to be a juicin' mom too. pretty sweet.

becky+cade said...

oops, missed the "k" in jack. my bad.