falling in love again

on sunday, i felt like getting crafty, just for fun.
we were home, sick-as-dogs & i was {desperate} for some stimulation...

so i decided to scrapbook, just for me, just for fun.
i counted, & from all the scrapbook classes @ ETC i have done over the years,
i have about 20 albums & over 600 layouts without pictures!

so i started scrapping & journaling our honeymoon
+ a few favorites from our engagement & wedding.

i slapped those pictures down on my pre-done pages,
[the blue layout was from the first class i ever taught!]

& added a few embellishments & sentiments & new title-age here & there.

i fell in love again.
i love this hobby.
there's just something about recording stories that makes me so, so happy.
makes me aware of my blessings.

reminiscing of our earlier days & putting my memories down on paper has been so therapeutic.
i am even more in love and feel even more secure than i did back on that happy day in 2003.
how far we've come. [SO] many lessons we've learned in the past 9 years.
through the good times & the bad....so blessed {and deeply thankful} to be married to my very best friend. ♥


Sassy said...


Unknown said...

What a fantastic way to use your extra layouts! I hope you'll share your progress...

Lori said...

I love all of them and would love to see the album of "unpictures". I could use some cute ideas to steal. I hope you are feeling better. Sundays are usually my only time (when I don't have a million meetings back to back) to create or just sit around the paper, embleshiments, etc and dream.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i need to do this! all my unfinished layouts from YOUR amazing classes :) love your scrappin' style!

Bev said...

Dang...you accomplish more when you are sick than I could ever do on a good day!! Love this!!

Manders said...

Love the pages!! I am finishing up my wedding album this year too...and we were married Jan 4,2003!! It is so fun to look back at the completed pages, journalling and pictures. Love Scrapbooking! (And blogging for that matter)