a thoughtful surprise

the other day, i opened my mailbox
& there was a package from my sweet sister.

she sent me this print,
[knowing that focus is my one little word this year]
along with a matching 4x6 size.

*isn't that the most thoughtful thing ever?

i'm loving that tony robbins quote.
{tony robbins is my favorite}
and lovelovelove that i have this cute reminder hanging up in my little abode.

thanks heidi!
i ♥ you!

"Imagine, if you will, a pair of powerful binoculars. Two separate optical systems are joined together with a gear to focus two independent images into one three-dimensional view. To apply this analogy, let the scene on the left side of your binoculars represent your perception of your task. Let the picture on the right side represent the Lord’s perspective of your task—the portion of His plan He has entrusted to you. Now, connect your system to His. By mental adjustment, fuse your focus. Something wonderful happens. Your vision and His are now the same. You have developed an “eye single to the glory of God”. With that perspective, look upward—above and beyond mundane things about you. The Lord said, “Look unto me in every thought”. That special vision will also help clarify your wishes when they may be a bit fuzzy and out of focus with God’s hopes for your divine destiny. Indeed, the precise challenge you regard now as “impossible” may be the very refinement you need, in His eye."


Sassy said...

What a sweet sister!!! Love the word "FOCUS" too......your post is beautifully written....I always hope that my vision is clear and seeing what it is I am suppose to see.....struggling tonight with that word focus....and what to do about teaching next year...people needing answers and my shoulders feeling more and more weighted down....I wish I COULD FOCUS!!!!!

Unknown said...

I love it. And what a great quote too! Ps- I have been drilling over the necklace too... I just might be copying you soon... ;)

Unknown said...

Drooling. Not drilling.....thanks, iPhone.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you like it. :) It screamed "Angie" when I saw it...

Bev said...

That sister of yours.....what a gal!! Sisters always look out for each other...and as far as I can tell...you're doing that "focus" thing pretty darn well!! I need to practice it more...some days I just feel totally {{ADD}}!! love your girlie!!

Brittany T. said...

so sweet! yay for mailbox surprises! and love the print,thank you for sharing both quotes as well! :)