meanest mom ever!

we are implementing a new system at our house.

it's called: mom is mean & is sick of messes.

every toy, dress up & coloring book we own
is being held hostage in this closet.

with the new rule:
one mess at a time.

believe it or not,
i tricked the kids into helping me sort,
donate toys that never get used,
and to be excited about our new little plan.

{evil cackle}


The Wizzle said...

One mess at a time is my DREAM. It is always the goal! Takes lots of reminding. I think it's the way to go though. Good luck! A "toy closet" has worked really well for us.

Bev said...

Yeah you!! I love this idea....and oh yeah, I had a mean Mom too!!

Sparks Fam said...

more like smartest mom ever. i like this system.. a lot :)

granny said...


Kyla Makay said...

You are the absolute cutest thing ever. Haha. :)
Such a good idea!
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Alison said...

Mean moms are awesome!