my first born lost her first tooth today.
milestone/tender moments.

her permanent tooth is pretty much already grown in
& her other bottom tooth is loose.

the first thing she said when she got off the bus today was,
"can i go to sleep now, so the tooth fairy can come?"


The Wizzle said...

Oh wow! How exciting! I love being the tooth fairy. :)

Lindsey Neill said...

Too cute! Brings back fun memories...Make sure you have some cash on hand for awhile. Making an emergency trip to a 24 hr Walmart at 10pm to get $$ is no funno ; )

Jamie said...

Such a cutie!

Bev said...

A first....one of many...those babes are growing up way too FAST!! Adorable!

Sassy said...

OH MY STARS!!! How cute is that? She IS growing too fast!!!!