i like boring

i'm blogging a picture of my lunch yesterday,
because that is how chill my life is these days.

not much on the calendar as of late.

in efforts to [focus] in 2012,
i've been spending more time relaxing, being at home,
letting go,
and learning to say no to things that stress me out.

i've been trying to do things because i want to do them,
instead of doing things because i [should] do them,
or because [i think] people think i should do them.

i've been working on being more spontaneous, c'est la vie-style.

this does not mean that every moment of the past couple weeks has been all grins and giggles.
i've still had my "special" moments when i revert back to my old anxious ways.

however, i am seeing progress.

i'm finding that i like my life simple.
call it boring.
*whatever it is....i like it.


mamamuniz said...

I agree, I like boring too! I had to learn the art of saying no years ago, when I was home with my kids. It seemed to me everyone thought that my staying home with my kids meant I was available to do whatever they needed. I learned it is OK to just say no, no excuses, explanations, etc. Just no. So freeing! (PS- so proud of you for eating such a heatlhy lunch, keep it up!)

Bev said...

Boring rocks....especially at my age...but I doubt you could ever be boring!!

Jamie said...

:) so glad you came last night - you are always such a delight. Way to be healthy!

Sassy said...

I agree with Mamamuniz....I found out that too...staying home does kinda give the impression to others that we are free to do anything and everything for them and everyone else.....I am happy to when I can but NOT ALWAYS!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Take care of YOU and YOUR FAMILY FIRST!!!!

becky+cade said...

i've always felt like an 80 year old because i love boring. sitting around the house doing nothing much. watching black & white movies. chillin with parents instead of friends. you know- that kind of thing. boring is fantastic! (:

your lunch looks delicious btw. what kind of cheese is on top of that broccoli? and what's under the broccoli? brown rice? quinoa? can't tell. but it looks yummy!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

love this post! i've been working on this lately as well :) makes life a bit less crazy. and more fun!