i need more of it.

myron's a legit senior citizen these days.
he goes to bed at a firm 9pm every night.
{because he wakes up for work at 5am}
*he deserves those 8 hours, btw.....
he went nearly three years without
any sort of consistent sleep schedule.

i think i'm ready to implement an early bedtime for myself, too.

6am comes way too early.


Bev said...

There's nothing {{sweeter}} than a babe asleep!!

Shyrl said...

as the saying goes ... "early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise"

Miss you girlfriend, you are my inspiration.


Unknown said...

i am married to an old man too. it makes me so made most nights too when he starts falling asleep right after dinner, but alas, the working man gets tired. ;) bless them.