loves it

a few things i've been loving:

1. the valentine banner i made at jamie & kelli's {burlap inspired} "b-chic" class at ETC.
seriously talented friends i have. ♥
2. the heart quilt my grandma dixon HAND STITCHED me...one of my treasures. ♥
3. the glorious weather....i've been doing mass amounts of yardwork this week & it's pure heaven out there...definite proof that heavenly father loves me.


Alison said...

Love that heart quilt!

Bev said...

♥ everything about this post!!

Lindsey Neill said...

<3 <3 <3 that quilt! And banner! And yard!

Sassy said...

I concur with what Bev said.......the weather HAS been GORGEOUS....I ♥ VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!