january :: prepare

one of the things on my 28 before 29 bucket list,
and items of {focus} this year,
is to hold a
simple & sweet family home evening every week.

my kids LOVE family home evening,
and though it's usually super-duper simple & a wee-bit crazy with the toddler...
i know that it is something that strengthens us as a family {when} we do it. ♥

we often have to get creative with the day & time we hold fhe
[because of work schedules]
but i hope to share little weekly recaps of what we've done each time...
as a record of the things we've learned.

this afternoon, we had our first fhe of the year, kicking off our january theme, PREPARE.

we learned about the sermon on the mount & the parable of the wise man/the foolish man. we finished by recording goals in our newly chloe-created {dunn family goal book.}

it was happy. ♥

song: i will follow god's plan for me
lesson: the sermon on the mount/the wise man & the foolish man parable
discuss: how can we build our house upon a rock/have jesus be our foundation?
activity: set goals as a family in our goal book


Heidi said...

I love it! Looks like a great night.

Heidi said...

I love it! Looks like a great night.

granny said...

The thought of a Dunn family goal book makes me happy. :) I am so impressed you have 54 FHE's all planned out and linked. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed. For FHE tonight we went over the *fabulous* article by Pres. Monson (first pres. message). Probably the best "New Year" message I've ever read.

P.S. BTDUB, I love your new header.

Sassy said...

You have been taught well by your parents and in turn are teaching your sweet little ones.....and by your example...you teach us as well.....LOVE IT!

Bev said...

You are amazing in every way! I wanna be in your fam and come to your FHE each week....how fun!!
Love your new look on the blog!

Brittany T. said...

super awesome! i love your creativity and chloe's goal book:) btw, your new blog design/colors is so fab! oh & good theme for the year:prepare. i m going copy the d&c scripture ;)

rachbechep said...

like x 1000. you.are.awesome!!!

Staci said...

you are inspiring!!! Can you keep posting what you do, so I can just copy you?!?:)