right this minute

bookworm chloe readin' her junie b. jones
all by her little old self in the corner.
*so happy she loves to read. ♥

trooper olivia, freshly diagnosed with pnemonia, smiling about her cute little tent that daddy got her at walmart.
*there should be perks to feeling so crummy! ♥


granny said...

Chloe,remember I have a drawer full of JBJ books if you run out. :)

Livvy, I hope this new medicine kicks that pneumonia's trash. You are breakin' my heart, girl. Get better!

Ang, hang in there. This.too.shall.pass.
Much love,

granny said...

Oh, and Myron, score on the tent idea. Perf.

Brittany T. said...

That is totally adorable that chloe loves to read and that SHE CAN read Junie B jones---what a smart gal! :)

and little liv---blessings and prayers of health!! <3

and cute tent, wtg myron!

Unknown said...

Junie B is some seriously advanced reading for a kindergartner! Go Chlo!

Poor little Liv! I'm so sad for her. Can she make the tent a little sauna with that humidifier?

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i LOVED junie b when i was a kid. such fun books!

Bev said...

Take care of sweet little liv.....bless her little heart!! And Chloe...brainiac!! Love it!

Sassy said...

MY favorite books ever JUNIE B. JONES!!! I love that Chloe loves to read them...my classes always loved them too.....KISS YOUR BRAIN GIRLFRIEND!

Poor baby...PNEUMONIA!!!! Dang that just stinks! But I ♥ the tent Dad.....that has to make her feel a ton better.....

Hang in there Mama!!!!