around my neck

i got my cute little custom OLW necklace in the mail!
{via chickadee beadart on etsy}

i [very] rarely purchase anything for myself,
so this happy little spontaneous splurge was a fun little reward.

and if it reminds me to stick to my goal,
it was worth every penny.

lovin' it. ♥


Bev said...

Love it and you too!! You look beautiful by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Ang--It's darling; just like you! I love it. What a great OLW, too.

granny said...

Gorgeous pic of you...and I love the necklace. So glad you got something for you!

Sassy said...

I agree...YOU DO LOOK BEAUTIMUS!!!! And...I love your focus necklace.....it is VERY COOL!

Jenny Johnson said...

I love it as well and also think you look amazing and magnificent!

The Wizzle said...

You are so beautiful! I *love* the necklace.