this little girlfriend

my sweet livy is on the mend.
it's been a doozy of a week with a double ear infection and the most wicked cough she's probably ever had....but i'm just grateful it's little stuff & she can heal soon & be better.

night times have been the most challenging....
there hasn't been a lot of sleeping going on.

but there has been {lots} of popsicles consumed,
curious george episodes watched,
essential oils applied,
breathing treatments administered,
and medicine being spit upon my face. [rude!]

i feel a little tickle in the back of my throat tonight,
but i'm having faith it'll be gone by morning.


mamamuniz said...

I hope Livy is on the mend. My husband and I both say how glad we are that the days of sick babies are over. It is so tough!

Bev said...

Oh Liv! Hope she's soon better. I need to come see her. I've missed her in nursery....be sure and tell her that! ps....hope you're not sick!!

Alison said...

Oh, I love me a good nebulizer. Sorry she's sickly. I feel your pain.

Marie said...

Ah! Sick kids whomp. Hang in there Angie! ps- If I have a kid who won't willingly take medicine (right now-Kyle) I pin them down and plug their nose. Then they have to take it or they can't breathe. I'm heartless:)

granny said...

Sure hope she leaves this behind soon! I hate seeing her so miserable. You are not allowed to get it, btw. This is your mother speaking.