twenty twelve


a very good friend of mine posted an inspirational question online this week & i've had it rolling around in my brain all day.

"why do i do what i do, when i know what i know?"

love that.
such a good question to ask myself as i'm aspiring to [focus] in 2012.

of course, that question can mean something different for everyone.

it means a few things to me,
but when i read it, i mainly think about my tendency to compare myself to others.

it's something that has always been a struggle & distraction for me.
though i've improved on this over the years,
it is still a go-to behavior when i am discouraged.

this type of negative thinking can snowball
& emphasize to me all of the injustices in this world.

comparing is destructive, and i'm vowing to have it take no part in 2012.

i'm going to use that question as a mechanism to combat comparative thinking:
"why do i do what i do, when i know what i know?"

why would i ever compare my life, my circumstances, my looks, my style, my talents to anyone elses when:

i know that we are each divine, important, treasured children of a kind & loving God who created us different, on purpose.

i know that we each have flaws, some more obvious than others.

i know that we all make mistakes, and have different ways of handling our problems, based on our very unique life experiences.

i know that we were all put on this earth to fulfill individual, specific missions & we were meant to have different traits & trials in order to accomplish those specific missions.

i know that our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy & confident, so that we are able to help each other along on our individual journeys.

when i [focus] on those things that i truly know for sure, i do better.

here's to doing what i know in 2012.


Bev said...

Something to think about for sure.....You have the cutest style, the best personality and the most amazing talents of anyone I know!! With your "focus" in 2012 you're going to be down right AMAZING!!

Sandee said...

Geez, Ang. When I grow up, I hope I am HALF as wise as you! You are a light to the world.....sorry if that sounds cheesy...but it is what it is.
You inspire me. I admire you.
Just sayin' ...................

Sassy said...

I totally concur with everything Bev and Sandee both said.....you are an INSPIRATION for so many and wise beyond years......HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!!!!

heather said...

Angie, you are so AWESOME and reading your blog is *almost* like reading scriptures to me. You consistently help/ inspire me to be a better person & I just have to thank you for that.

Hope this new year is your best year yet!


Durfee Family said...

beautifully said! You are an inspiration! Thank you. My OLW this year is: clutter. All kinds! Thank you!

granny said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

You really are inspiring! I often wish we lived closer so we could be hang out type friends and that I could be uplifted face to face style instead of blog style. Either way, I'm glad we're cousins!