hooked on a feeling

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9 years ago today,
myron & i went on a date as best friends
and pretty much confessed our
undying/unexpected/surprise love for one another.

happiest night EVER!

...but those fond memories [don't even compare]
to the contentment i feel knowing that we've
enjoyed almost a decade together
& have {forever} to look forward to.

trust me when i say- this man puts up with a lot living with me,
and i love him {with all my heart} for it.

happy valentines to
the most hilarious guy i know,
the most kindhearted & tender daddy,
and the most perfect-husband-for-me.

love you. ♥


Bev said...

You guys are dang cute together and it shows in both of you that you kindda like each other....and you make adorable babies!!

•stephanie• said...

cutest couple and family!

Brittany T. said...

awh totally adorable! I love ang & myron! <3 happy valentine's day sister! :)

Jamie said...

So sweet!

granny said...

Love you both.