birthday girlfriend

this special little girl turned THREE today! ♥

there has been lots of celebrating this week,
and thanks to both of our families,
she was spoiled beyond measure.

this afternoon, we had a special family "linner" in her honor
& now, her & sister-chloe are happily jumping
with a pile of balloons on the trampoline.

can't really put into words what this
blonde firecracker means to me.

it is my blessing and my gift to be her mama
& i love her with the deepest part of my heart.

like i always say, she is love.

happy birthday, dear olivia!


Brittany T. said...

awhh what a cutie! happy bday olivia! and ang--omg totally love the 'three' banner-you're so dang creative! <3

Lisa said...

Awww...happy birthday Olivia! 3, holy smokes that went fast!

granny said...

She is such a doll. I love her.

Bev said...

Sweet little thing....♥

Bev said...
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The Wizzle said...

Ok, that second picture is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.