home is where the art is

-my dishes aren't always loaded in the dishwasher before i go to bed.
-my bed is rarely made.
-you can count on there being hot-green,
watermelon flavored toothpaste crusted on the bathroom counter at. all. times.
-i'm never, [i repeat]
never, caught up on laundry.
-my dog is forever needing a bath
-& the lawn is typically two weeks past-due of a mow.

but, rest assured,
you can always, always...find something to color, draw, write, or create with.

that's just how we roll. ♥


Bev said...

I wanna live at you house!!

The Wizzle said...

Hahahaha, I could raise my hand for *every* one of those things - except mine is white, strawberry toothpaste!

(And your art supplies are way prettier than mine.)

Brittany T. said...

sounds like a fun.dream,loving home to be at :)

Sassy said...

Art supplies ALWAYS make my life better too......One of my favorite things ever is a new box of crayons.......I think we were twins separated at birth....well and a few dozen years hahahaha LOVE IT!!!

mamamuniz said...

What a fun shelf! Your girls won't remember your housekeeping skills (or lack there-of) but will always remember the fun you let them have creating!

Sam and Sarah Rogers- Est. 2003- said...

You are such a good Momma!