class samples: for sale *SOLD! thanks kiley!*

this week i've started tackling lots of unfinished projects in the craft department.
i'm overwhelmed by them!

i'm tryin' to implement gretchin rubin's rule of "spending out"...
this summer is going to be all about spending out what i have
& using my resources to help my family.

so, i've decided to start selling some of my
class samples that i will {most likely} never use.

they are all finished pages, ready to slap on pictures.
however, please note: they have all been taped on a bulletin board & transported, so they have a tiny bit of wear & tear, and this is why i am selling them at a discounted rate...[much] cheaper than the original kits were priced. :) *still in great shape though. promise. :)

we'll see if there's an interest...if there is, i'll keep posting.
if not, i'll find a way to use them. ♥

the first installment of layouts,
is a girlie baby's first year album.
12 single-spread pages, what ya see, is what ya get.
a page for each month of baby's first year.
ready for you to slap a picture{s} on & journal.

all 12 single-spread layouts for $36.
the first person to comment, text or email me at angieinpink@gmail.com,
gets the layouts. i don't mind shipping, but it will be an additional $5 charge. ♥


MeL said...

I'm afraid that if I buy these, which I totally want to, that I will jinx myself and never actually have a girl. Same reason I couldn't bring myself to buy the cutest tiniest cardigan at H&M the other day. Sad life. But seriously, if no one offers, I just might not be able to help myself!

Meghan and Sean Green said...

Angie!!! I want this!! Bev is gunna call you!! I hope they aren't sold out!!

granny said...

Yay for sold! So darn beautiful!

TeamHedrick said...

Angie- We moved to Cali. and I'm going through withdrawls from missing your classes. I am up for buying a set! I will keep a lookout on your blog.

It's My Life said...

ANgie I would really love the boy first year set. How can I buy that from you? 602-882-8121