kindergarten plays are adorable

tonight, the kindergarten put on the most darling play in the whole wide world.
little red riding hood.

it was precious...complete with
dancing flowers, bunnies, bears, raccoons, penguins, butterflies & caterpillars...
and hula-hooping chickens!

chloe was a pink bunny.
she sang and danced so well &
i'm so proud of her cute self for
being brave up on stage.

granny and i sewed her costume last week.
it was so fun & i was quite pleased with how it turned out.

chloe's favorite part was the bushy tail. :)

can you spot her?

tonight made me happy that chloe
is at such an awesome school...
she's had such a great year! ♥


Sassy said...

That IS the MOST adorable costume....LOVE IT!!!! I am sure it was an AWESOME skit!!!!

granny said...

So glad I got to see that. What fun! She was perfect.

Jamie said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Bev said...

Cutest little "bunny" I've ever seen......and yes, I must agree, kindergarten plays are the best.....especially when Chloe is one of the stars!!