easter weekend

good times this weekend!
pink bunny noses & egg-shaped krispy kreme for all. ♥

someone special made his appearance a day early, on saturday.
*and by the looks of their baskets,
i think the easter bunny might really be a jackrabbit...go mhs! ;)

the girls were delighted to discover he brought
a baby pool for the backyard too!

saturday morning we attended granny & gramps' annual grandkid easter egg hunt,
located in the garden of eden, otherwise known as my mom's backyard.
all of the kids were darling & happy + made a haul of prizes, coins & treats.

sunday was spent celebrating the reason for the season,
our savior jesus christ. the girls wore special dresses,
that granny & i have been sewing all week. it made me happy.

chloe's nama threw her a special party last night to kickoff an exciting week of celebrating her SIXTH birthday. can you believe she's that grown up? i sure can't.

i love her with my whole heart. ♥


•stephanie• said...

those dresses are perfect.
great job sewing!
and happy, happy birthday to chloe, who was the cutest baby ever.
{wasn't she JUST born?}

Lisa said...

You made their dresses? So cute! I can't believe Chlo is SIX! When I first worked with you at SE she was you chubby toddler, and there was no Liv yet! Time flies...

becky+cade said...

the dresses are adorable!! i love the little sleeves. glad it was a great holiday for ya!!

Unknown said...

Ah, your girls are completely darling. That last pic of Chloe just kills me! :) I hope your weekend was as lovely as it sounds.

granny said...

I have to admit I'm happy with that sewing project. So fun!