girlfriend chloe had a wonderful sixth birthday!
all the important-to-her things happened:

*she heard the principal say her name on the announcements
*she got a special birthday crown at school
*mom & liv came and ate lunch with her
*she passed out mini sprinkled cupcakes to her class
*she was line leader {almost} the whole day
*she opened a new bike & a sweet unicorn helmet from mom & dad
*she was spoiled with special calls, visits, texts, presents, cards and videos from generous family & friends
*she spent the afternoon passing out invites to all her little girlfriends for a panda party on saturday!
*we ended the day with a special family night at "rockin' robin" {red robin} to celebrate her sweet little self

i'm happy she had a happy day;
you only turn six once. :)


Bev said...

What a little party animal! Yeah for Chloe!! Happy Birthday!

granny said...

I'm glad she had a happy birthday. Love her.