some hatchings hurt

last week,

i wrote a really depressing post
that i deleted and then published again.
{i'm a.d.d. like that.}

i still love that song, but it was depressing nonetheless.
*i was in an emo, discouraged mood &
nothing seemed to satisfy my need for security.

it's been about a week since then & thankfully
things are now looking much brighter & stronger.

i haven't been able to get a poem
that my friend shared in her lesson on sunday
out of my head.

last week i was feeling very tender....
"nothing more than the palest puff",
but luckily, i know of & took refuge in,
the greatest source of strength there is.

and even though, like the song says,
my heart has a tendency to fall apart,
i know who can pick up the pieces. ♥

coming out
some hatchings hurt…
and the new learning
is so very tender.
it’s frightening to be
nothing more
than the palest puff
that peeps.
and so remember
and remember
clarion call
to shelter:
“i will gather …
as a hen
her chickens
under her wings …”
a place to grow
in strength.

(dianne dibb forbis)


Sassy said...

Sooooooooooo beautiful.......I needed this this morning......and I love that scripture...and poem...I have done that too...written posts and status' on fb when feeling crappy and then totally deleted...but sometimes had a place to save such feelings to go back and read and see that I did get up AGAIN...........loved this post.....

Sassy said...

wish I had a place.........oooops sorry

Brittany T. said...

thank YOU for sharing ang..the scripture, your heart, even when it's sad.. i love you always!