if i took one message away from conference,
it was that christ's grace is sufficient.

oh, how deeply grateful i am
for a savior who died for you & me.

i try to be good, but i am so imperfect.
i become discouraged when i feel others
expect things from me that i can not seem to give.
i am impatient with myself when
i have natural feelings that fall
{ever so} short of righteousness.

but i know that through christ's atonement,
so long i surrender my heart & will to him...
his grace is sufficient to help me progress now,
and eventually perfect my earthly shortcomings
in the life to come.

my favorite talk at conference?
[i've watched it over & over]
*it's this one:

it completely speaks to the very innermost aching in my heart.

i'm so humbled.
his grace is sufficient.

for "surely the thing god enjoys most about being god,
is the thrill of being merciful." ♥


Jenny Johnson said...

My favorite too.

Bev said...

Just what I needed to hear this fine, Tuesday afternoon! Thank you for that reminder!!

•stephanie• said...

doesn't it seem like EVERY talk he gives is perfect? but, i agree, this one was especially good.

Tanya Leigh said...

magnificent. :)

cheryl said...

Thank you for posting this Ang...it was one of my favorite also & becuz you posted it here it enabled me to listen to it again. I just watched it 3 times over & love it even more! I so needed this too & each time I listen to it, I get something new from it. Amazing talk!

Jamie said...

Thanks for always filling my bucket! I am truly blessed to call you my friend! ♥

Unknown said...

I love Elder Holland.

I went to comment on your "heart falls apart" post and it's not there...it was so sweet, but sad at the same time. Sorry about your greatest challenge, but I agree that your tender heart is one of your greatest strengths.