today's post = a shout out to one of my very favorite girlfriends in this whole wide WORLD!
lesli spafford.
aka les.

today i visited my current place o' partish-time employement aka scrapbooks etc, and had the opportunity of chatting with this delightful chick during her OH so popular love notes class.
and every stinkin' time i see her, i am reminded JUST how much i ADORE her...
{and i'm not alone}
she has MANY fans, friends and admirers & this is why:

*she is a breath of FRESH air, is a guaranteed SMILE when you need one, and lights up the room {pretty freaking bright too}
*she is HILARIOUSLY funny & has a contagiously HAPPY personality
*she is SO thoughtful, remembers everyones name {'cause she's awesome like that}, and is always thinking of others & how she can help. she makes peoples' days without even knowing it.
*she is hip, FRESH, funky, & oh so fashionable. and pretty much looks put together even when she's sporting pjs. and we won't even get started on her golden tan! {jealousy}
*she has an appreciation for the simple things in life. ie: wildflowers, reading a good book by the pool, steve's divine hot chocolate, yummy/inspirational/pretty things, etc.
*she has font-worthy handwriting, is SO talented @ all things crafty & is rockin' CE this year as a headliner teacher...{hence where i got this cute pic}
*she is a FABULOUS grandma & an amazing mom who raised her sons & daughter to be just as thoughtful & kind as their motha.
*she is practically perf in every way, but she doesn't know it, which makes her that much more charming!
*and my favorite: she is human. aka she is a human-angel. she is {totally} down to earth. she is a kindred spirit.
*oh, and best of all: she also enjoys being very CHEESY like me, so don't worry, this post won't freak her out.

les, i heart you.
this world needs more peeps just like your amazing self.
have a {happy thursday}


Unknown said...

les is SO amazing! she is totally all those things you just wrote about her plus some! here's an example of her being so super thoughtful... i don't ever remember mentioning to her how much i love martha stewart everything- but she got me a subscription out of the blue to martha stewart living! i love getting a new issue & reading it cover to cover & thinking of les and how much i love her too!

good post ang!

Coree Adams said...

I don't know this person, but your shout outs are always so sweet...it makes me WANT to know her. lol

The Candlands said...

Lesli rocks! She always remembers my husband whenever he comes into the store with me! She's an absolute doll!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Oh my gosh, don't even get me started on my love for Lesli. And you totally stole my idea because I was going to do a post about her, then I thought it would creep her out, but it shows how little I know her!

p.s. Also creeps me out- that if you google her, my blog comes up first. I didn't know you could google blogs. Creepy to the extreme!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

p.s. I can't find ANY of the blogs that Peg Moffat told us about either. And I have tried every combination of everything that she told us??? even with the periods in between..

Amy said...

Ok Ang-
I agree with EVERTHING that you have said about this amazing girlfriend of ours. I often times think about all of us working together and REALLY REALLY miss talking with you girls everyday. I feel like I don't know everything about you girls anymore. I miss those good ol' days. We really have had the best of times and have made the best of friends from working there. WE need to have a scrapbook's etc reunion and chat it up like old times!!!!!

cori said...

wow. i really want to know her. so sweet of you. you have the best kind of friends. love it.

amanda p. said...

yes agreed! Leslie=amazing! My only wish is to be as rockin' attractive and creative when I grow up like her:) So cute and a surrogate mother? what more could a family ask for? yesterday she was saying that after annie met her at the kids class annie was totally hugging and loving on her. (true test of angelicness and she scored!) way to be amazing leslie! please look at angie's blog to know you have a following ;)

Julie said...

Love it Angie! You are so sweet!

I will add MY LOVE for LESLIE! She is amazing...and I figured out why. When you talk to her she makes you feel like you are her most favorite person ever! Am I right?! So, of course we all love her, cause she LOVES us! I remind her of her daughter and that always makes me feel so special! We love you Leslie!

Michelle said...


ForeverSarahLee said...

Well... I was gonna come on and say how much I love Lesli too. But dang, I am not the first person to do so here. Lol!

She is like my Mama #2. Literally. So I hope she already KNOWS how much I love her. She is one of THE kindest people anyone could EVER meet! I know :0)

Laura Blue said...

oh don't we all just love that woman to death! she is like my second mom! i love her so much and it's such a joy to get to work with her. you are too sweet for posting all that nice stuff about her. you rock ang!

Peg and Parker said...

I loved your blog about Lesli. I adore her and agree with you 100%. I love yuur upbeat style and I want to be like you when I grow up! Heart Peg