i did sort my buttons

do you ever have weeks where you feel like you've been SO out of control busy, but then after a weeks-worth of blog-neglect...don't feel like you have much to show for it?

please say yes.}

'cause i've definitely had
one of those weeks.

it's been a
great 7.5 days, mind you.
just pretty

i did
mom stuff.
wife stuff.
angie-job stuff.
and i
ironed. {still not quite done...}
and i
sorted some buttons.
the end.

{happy back to blogging!}


•stephanie• said...

really . . . what more is there to life than sorted buttons. i, on the other hand, seem to have LOST mine.

cori said...

buttons. i was there with you! i have some cute glass jars that would look cute with buttons in it. maybe...

i missed you. and lets give angie a big blogger welcome back!

kacee said...

glad to have you back - and I like the colorful button pic too, kinda coveting some of them =)

katie said...

i know how you feel. [but i'm not really obsessed with blogging...yet ;)]

and ps-if you ever feel the need to donate any of your scrapbooking stuff to a noble cause: i'm a noble cause. i'm jealous of all the stuff you have. :)

the end.

Coree Adams said...

I am so happy that you got your buttons sorted my dear. That must feel really great! And no I'm not being facicious (sp?) Miss ya!

Lisa said...

the buttons look wicked cool! good sorting!

maccam said...

I SOOOO know what you mean! So busy with mom and wife stuff (Which is so awesome by the way!) However, before I was married I was very- shall we say- compulsive disorder. (all my shirts in my closet were organized by color- my scrapbook stuff [button, etc.] organized by color, shape, etc.) However, now married to Mac I've become so much more of a clutter person. You've inspired me. I need to repent of my ways. Luv, Cam

Marilyn said...

Welcome back---we (i) miss you when you are gone. Cool photo of the buttons! Looking forward to next week Simplicity-oops sorry-I hope I didn't add more pressure to your life!

Kaelene said...

Hey, I'm glad that you got your buttons sorted, but I've missed your daily updates!
See you soon, at our favorite store!! And DANG, that place is getting bigger!!

Unknown said...

i love buttons so much! that picture made me happy! i don't even think you need to justify anything to us! i have been completely unproductive the past two days besides making one gigantic batch of cookies for missionaries... and i'm so ok with that!

The*Evans*Family said...

Looks like you have a button collecting problem like me!

Chelsea said...

cute button pics and welcome back!!

chris+amber said...

You always have the most colorful/blissful/fun pictures on your blog! Glad you're back in the blogging business! :o)

Stoddard Studios said...

yes, I totally have weeks like those...especially lately. Glad I'm not the only one.

Sassy said...

Hey Angie, Thanks for coming into my blogdom. I love, love, love buttons! My grandma Gardner always had the best button jars. I am kinda surprised that your pink pile of buttons isn't the largest. You have probably used out of those most, I guess. I'm sure you work circles around most people so don't be too hard on yourself. Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Buttons, Buttons, who's got the buttons?
You do of coarse! Sounds alittle Dr. Suess's huh?

you have got to be the most organized person. Honestly! Wow, very impressive to me. :)

{Lara} said...

Those buttons look good enough to eat!
{Lara} in South Africa!