can't wait!

i love looking forward to things.
{it keeps me going.}

right now there are three things i simply can't wait for.
{but i will, because i have to.}

#1: miner-myron's arrival!

today i've been preparing for our dad to come home for the week. i {try} to wash sheets, stock the fridge w/ pep, and spruce things up for his homecoming. as i've been doing so, i have had the lisa loeb classic, "waiting for wednesday" in my head. {i love that song.} every other wednesday is a blessed day for sure. *travel safe, baby!

#2: finding out the gender of chloe jr. in 3-4 weeks!

peeps ask me all the time if i have a preference whether the upcoming babe is pink or blue. answer: not really. i'll be thrilled either way. what we'll call said child is still up in the air, but myron & i have a list of girl & boy names that we've both loved since choosing chloe...so we'll select from our archives when the time comes.

#3: general conference this weekend!

with all the craziness that's been going down in the stock market/world/ridiculous politics, etc. this week...i am just craving a healthy dose of general conference instead of all the mind-numbing cnn i've been watching. i have work off, myron will be home & the dvr is set to record! i am so looking forward to listening to the leaders of my church speak truths, give direction & counsel, and inspire confidence in me & others. their talks every six months {always} bring peace & reassurance.


and like i said: i can't wait.

{happy wednesday!}


Coree Adams said...

I too am looking forward to all of those things! I love when Miner Myron comes home too, because Bryan has his BFF back in town. He is so excited about talking Aces Biz with him. We SERIOUSLY need to get together. Can we? Can we? We could make it a Barros/Dunn/Adams reunion. What do you think? I am so excited to find out what the gender of your babe is...can't wait to make something fun and very vinyl for him/her. Conference weekend is the best and I simply cannot wait to feel the spirit all weekend long! Love ya girlfriend!

Laura Blue said...

i'm so glad when daddy comes home...glad as i can be!! welcome home daddy! that will be a great day when you find out the gender and i too am looking forward to that day when you announce it. I also know that conference is going to be very good this weekend... i can feel it and i'm ready to listen as well. happy wednesday

Marisa and Rob said...

Hey Angie!!! Sounds like this month and week are going to be fun for you!!! I'm excited to hear the gender of your baby!!!! :) Hope things are going good for you and your family. :) Have a great week and we will talk to you later.

The Roberts Family said...

I got to play with little chloe today and it was so fun!!! I love it when Myron is home too.. we get to come over on mondays for Prison Beak and you know i love that!

Anonymous said...

my hunny comes home this weekend, too! YAY! love is in the AIR!!

{and spencer said they served the same mission but were never companions! still cool though!}

and i can't wait til Gen. Conference. it is always SO AWESOME!!!!

mademoisellechitchat said...


ENJOY your time with your family! These pictures are beautiful.

Thanks for the kind words RE: my birthday.

Love ya!

J-mama said...

Keep us posted about the new baby! We will be hugely excited to welcome our kids' new cousin!

runningfan said...

Ah, so true, so true! I second #2 (for both of us) and #3!

Unknown said...

Oh Good Luck Angie on your SBR. I wish we both could get this finished.
Ok, well I wish you a boy! But, anything is great! Pink or Blue or maybe a pink and a blue. LOL

and I Hope you have a nice time with your DH!

Chloe is looking so much more adorable as usual. She is both you and your DH>

My cousin had her daughter this morning. YIPPEE!!!!!
I am going tomorrow to Good Sam to see that bundle of joy. Just got the call.

Kaelene said...

Truer words could not be spoken about conference -- I am ready for the calming effect of the Spirit so strong when the prophets of our day speak truth to us. And, as you said, at this point in the storm, we need to hear "peace, be still".
♥ ya!

heather said...

I am so looking forward to this weekend too!!

KP said...

i cannot wait until conference either! seems like it always comes at the perfect times ya know?

•stephanie• said...

you can come to my house.
my husband's home ALL the time!
{which is also not so good.}
i love your black & white photos today.
i think i'll stick with those as far as halloween colors go.
you, my dear, can have ALL the orange.

Chell said...


Such fun things to look forward to!

Sassy said...

I am so with you about Conference and being kinda tired of the other GARBAGE on the Telli....enjoy your sweet time with your COPPER CUTIE...we did that for years and years...the mining thing...can't wait to hear about #2...

Tanya Leigh said...

You said it, girl. I, too, will WELCOME Conference as a respite from all this biased media-shmedia and twisted politics. *sigh*

Enjoy the Hubby! :)