these things i know for sure

typically, on the first sunday of each month, my church holds something called fast & testimony meeting.

it is a time where members of the congregation are invited to come up to the pulpit & bear a verbal witness of their feelings regarding the gospel of jesus christ.

i love feeling inspired & strengthened by other peoples faith & testimonies.
the spirit is strong, real, and powerful.


only once every two [slash twenty] years, do i actually get up & share my own thoughts.
and that's usually due to one of the following reasons:

a. my hardcore/irrational fear of public speaking/standing/breathing.
b. my child's obsession with misbehaving during the first hour of church.
c. i don't feel like crying an inevitable river.
d. all of the above.


today we didn't have fast & testimony meeting because there was a special conference held.

and i found myself missing it.

if we would have had it, i do believe, [even though it's against all laws of normal-angie-nature] i might have stood up in all my bloated-pregnant-glory, went to the front of the chapel & expressed the feelings of my very full heart, my angie-convictions:
the things i know for sure.


my testimony is simple.

we are all children of a kind, loving heavenly father who knows us better than we know ourselves.
he wants what's best for us.
he wants us to have true, lasting happiness.

because he loves us so much, he created a perfect plan for us.
this plan was designed so we could reach a fullness of joy.
{part} of that plan was for us to come to earth, gain a body & experience mortality.
i believe that we chose to come to earth, totally knowing we'd be h-core tested here, and spend our time seeking for god's light to direct us from birth.

heavenly father sent his only begotten son, jesus christ to save us from the bands of death and give us hope for eternal progression. i believe that jesus christ is our creator, our savior & redeemer, our friend & will one day be our judge. he loves us so much that he suffered & died for our grief, pain, disappointments, loneliness, depressions, and sins. i believe he rose again & lives. because of him we have the opportunity to learn, grow, become, experience, try, fail, repent, and one day live in glory with god again.

sometimes it's not easy for me to see beyond this mortal realm. i look at all that is goin' down in the world today....all the heartache, political turmoil, violence, and uncertainty. i feel overwhelmed by the trials that close-close friends & fam of mine are going through. i am saddened that life is just so dang hard sometimes. people disappoint & hurt each other. tragedies happen to super-good people. depression is a very real thing. circumstances are often complicated. money is freaking annoying. and things just don't always seem fair.

but in quiet & still day-to-day moments...i have spiritual clarity. i remember that we all have a purpose here. i remember that the way is not easy, but it is simple. i remember the sweet peace the gospel brings.

and i am reminded of very small, but equally profound, personal instances in which god has testified to me through the power of the holy ghost, the very source of all my happiness:

*that we are all children of god.
* that jesus is the christ.
*and that there is, in fact, reason to rejoice.

*these things i know for sure.



Jamie said...

You truly inspire me to be a better person! Thanks for sharring your testimony. I too know these things are true!!!
U R the best, girlie!

granny said...

Perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Amen Sister! Go Angie!
P.S. On a much more sad note but, he is in Heaven(could you please let me know when the funeral will be for Emily's Hubby)

I can't find your email addy and would really appreciate knowning. I would love to help her someway also. I didnt' know if anyone was going to take up a collection at the store or anything as I would love to be included please.

thanks so much for posting that update and it allowed me to follow that blog once more until his end.

You are so darn cute! God love you!

Unknown said...

I love your blog and your testimony too Angie. Thanks for sharing it!

runningfan said...

Thanks for putting yourself (and your innermost thoughts) out there. I needed to read them today! Love you!

Kaelene said...

Thanks for the sweet reminder, Ang!!! I'm glad that we can have that knowledge and help each other through the worst of it!

Lori said...

Simply put and well done. Amen!!

Marisa and Rob said...

Thanks Angie for that! That was well put! :) Have a great Novemeber :)

Mark Dixon said...

Thank you, Angie. You brought tears to my eyes and deep gratitude to my heart. You are wonderful!

Vicki Johnson said...

Angie, Thank you for all of your inspirations throughout this week. I have tried to follow your example in many ways. I love your testimony and you are precious. You have strengthened me!

Leslie said...

Ditto, sister.

Billie said...

thank you for sharing your testimony Angie. I needed to hear it! Honest, clear and sweet.

heather said...

you are so great. thanks for this today.

rachbechep said...

angie. you are AWESOME!
thanks for making my day way better.

Coree Adams said...

Wow...I needed that. Amen to everything and I'd like to add to that...We are blessed with friends along the way that help us feel happy when we are sad. Thanks for being that kind of friend. LOVES!!

Emily L. D. Greenquist said...

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Thanks for helping me with this prank/favor! And spread the word!

Chell said...


Thanks so much for sharing this with us :)

Laura Blue said...

oh ang, you are amazing! and YOU are inspiring. i have always looked up to you in so many ways. your style, your talent, your cute family, and now i have to add your testimony to the list as well. you rock!

KP said...

aahhhh....that was better than conference yesterday...oops, did i say that out loud?! :)
thanks, angie :)

Julie said...

Amen! Thanks ange for putting how I feel into words. That was great! Have a good week :)

Sassy said...

You are such a BLESSING in the lives of people who know you...what a beautiful testimony...and I will say AMEN to all you testified to..Angels are silent notes taking =0] and I'm sure they ♥ you to pieces!


you have such a beautiful testimony. thank you for sharing it!