a christmas story.

once upon a time there was a super cute couple named the haddoxes.
-they have awesome blogs.
-amazing taste-n-style. [fer reals.]
-numerous gifts & talents.
-a {perfect} christmas tree.
-a model-baby named paisley.
-[and a dog called chloe.]

one chilly winter night, this sweet little family showed up at the dunns' doorstep.
they were looking adorable &
[bearing festive gifts.]

first, was a container of mouth-watering
{to die for}
melt-in-your-mouth katie-homemade caramels.
[AKA heaven in wrapper.]
*she even made tiny-custom-chloe pieces.*
they are beyond delightful.
{and addicting....in a *very* good way!}

the second gift =
a super nice real-life

angie and myron were completely overwhelmed
& touched by such thoughtfulness & generosity.

truly: there aren't really words to describe how much this amazing gesture
made the dunn's day/week/month/life.

angie & her emotionally pregnant self has {already} cried a river of gratitude.

and myron has a perma-grin as he holds/pets his new toy.

just as the dunns were feeling [a little down] by a disappointing theft
their upmost faith has been restored in the sheer goodness of humanity.


thank you katie, steven & paisley,
for having huge hearts this holiday season!

you have [no idea] how much we appreciate your rockstar-ness.

merriest christmas from our little fam to yours!

*now, peace out*
[while i go {devour} another caramel.]


Laurie said...

Wow! That's what christmas is all about!

Anonymous said...

We're still so grateful we could offer some kind of joy in this time of year. We know what it's like to go through some tough times and we were so grateful to be given the perfect opportunity to help make your lives a little brighter (even if it was just through a little material thing). I can't imagine how hard it must be for Myron and all of you to be separated so much and I'm glad we could help to minimize that gap in some small way.

Thanks so much for your appreciation. I just want to say thank you for blogging about your situation so we could find a use for our untouched PSP. There's no way to describe the joy that can be had from giving as much as receiving :)

I hope your holidays continue to be bright!


katie said...

i like how the caramels are half-gone in the picture! haha!

ditto what steven said. :)


mademoisellechitchat said...

Did I tell you that you would be blessed with another PSP soon? ;)

Coree Adams said...

How flippin sweet is that!?!?!


that was so sweet of them!! Eat a Caramel for me, too :)

{if there are any left}

Marisa and Rob said...

That is the True meaning of Christmas!!! Thoes carmels look really yummy!!! :)

runningfan said...

Unbelievable...and completely awesome. So happy for you, and so grateful for them!

Staci said...

so so so thoughtful! What wonderful people! You deserve it more than anyone! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Eat a caramel for me...they look delicious!!

cheryl said...

what an awesome thing to do!! made me happy & tears came to the eyes again! (this time for a different reason) Have you seen this?
if you haven't I know you would love it!

Erin said...

Yay!! Merry Christmas. This makes me smile. It's nice to have good friends around when you need them the most.

Jamie said...

What a great Christmas story, thanks so much for sharring!

J-mama said...

Wow. Just wow. The generosity of some people simply amazes me. This is such an awesome tale.

Brandis said...

Yay for good people!! (and good caramels)