on my mind

*i’m having a sudden urge to bust out our cute lil 6 ft. pre-lit christmas tree.

and i think i shall.

{stay tuned for pictures.}

*my hair is seriously overdue for a date with audrey’s magic fingers.

[note to self: don’t forget to call the salon this week, asap.]

*the movie elf never gets old.

[it's okay buddy: sometimes i feel like a cotton headed ninny muggins too.]

*i wonder if livy will be a redhead.

[that would be so delicious.]

*did i {really} spend an hour watching a recorded E! true hollywood story about punky bruster this weekend?

[answer: yes, and i will never get that 60 minutes back.]

*love and logic totally works on husbands too.

[maybe better than on kids.]

thanks for green machining the stairs, babe!

*is my blog too personal slash TMI? [probably.]

but do i care? [not so much.]

to quote the profound words/lyrics of lisa loeb, “this is where i meet my muse, & it feeds me.”

*its2gs: you were absolutely correct.

i LOVE love. lovey love. THIS.

{thanks for sharing!}

*there is now 40 lbs of me that myron isn’t sealed to. [gaining weight = my favorite pass time]…one of my talents, for sure. (:

*i love christmas-hymns-@-church season.

[it makes me happy.]

*when will my child stop pretending she’s ghandi?

{seriously: chlorefuses to eat.}

*this week is going to be out-of-control busy.

[i’m sleepy just thinking about it.]

(good night & god bless!)


The Fletchies said...

hahah me and emily were just talking about your blog and how you can be way more personal then other people without being TMI. We decided it because you write in large font.

and we are experts. self declared.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Honey, I am personal on my blog; at least you haven't posted your bra size. ;)

Cute pic!

runningfan said...

Haha, Rachel and I watched most of that Punky Brewster show at Mom's!

Have fun with your Christmas tree!

heather said...

oh you're so great! Ghandi? Thats so funny!! She'll it if she's hungry enough -don't you think?? And now I'm curious about your babe's hair color too! Do you hope for red? Red curls?

I'm looking forward to seeing your tree. :)

Kaelene said...

Angie, I think that if you didn't share so much of yourself, on your blog, you wouldn't be as inspiring as you are! We gotta have it ALL to appreciate you for you!
And, we ♥ you!
My nephew is in that "I'm too busy to be bothered with food!" stage, also. I'm sure she will eat if she gets hungry enough!

granny said...

Have fun with the magic of your very own Christmas tree. Ghandi will be delighted every time she walks in the room {because she is like that.} I love your blog. Never change it.

Alisse Baldwin said...

I've never thought of your blog as TMI, unless TMI stands for
Too Much Incessant Hilarity (but then, of course, it would be TMIH).

Anmd could you be anymore Dixon in that picture? You & Eric are twins. Adorbale, I say.

McMemories said...

how cute are you preggo!!!! I love your blog and I have never thought you as tmi:) you are awesome ang!!

rachbechep said...

i got up this morning. read your blog. and it made my day that much better. you ROCK angie!

The Roberts Family said...

sis you let me know when you need to get in !!! we need to get it done before christmas!

Sassy said...

i love your posts!!!!

Coree Adams said...

Hey Angers! How's my favorite pregnant lady of the century doin? How cute are our husbands and their Aces-ness? I found it so incredibly cute that Myron had to come by for just a brief moment so they could put together their glass rack. I love that our hubbies spend so much time together, I wish we were too!!!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you share so much! It makes your blog really fun to read. :) And that is a great picture of you!!

Laurie said...

you are so cute pregnant!! I hope she is a redhead too :)

rachbechep said...

ps. look how CUTE you are ang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Blue said...

i love angie talk and hearing all the random things you think about. you are seriously amazing! i just love being uplifted and inspired by all your posts! you rock