who's the boss?

sometimes my two year old likes to lock me out of the house for 15+ minutes.

and laughs at me through the crack in the door.

and says, "hahaha mommy, i no go to bed."

and then i have to be all macgyver-ish & break into my house via a screwdriver/mad-hacking-skills.

and in all my large-&-pregnant glory, crawl through a miniature window into the warmth. [note: not pretty.]

to which i find her coloring at the kitchen table whilst sipping my sonic route 44.
"hey mom, what's up?"

[little devil.]
gotta love 'er.


The Wizzle said...

OK, now that is just evil. In a very charming way. :)

Jamie said...


It is a good thing they are so cute, right?

The Fletchies said...

While very discomforting for you I am sure that your child is in the house getting into mischief and you are not...it is kind of hilarious. But very naughty indeed. Tell chloe to cut it out. (at least until the new babe is born.) Prego girlies should not have to climb through windows.

Chell said...

I am laughing to hard at the "hey mom, whats up comment?"

Too precious!

mademoisellechitchat said...

This one of those classic moments in which my folks used to say, "If I wasn't laughing so hard, I would have spanked you."

I love this CHILD. Where does she get this stuff?

Seriouly, Angie, get a key made and put it on a lanyard around your neck. You don't need to climb through windows.

Love ya!

Marisa and Rob said...

That was pretty fun!!! :) I love the part where when you got in, and she is at the table coloring, and say's hey mom, what's up!!! Too funny!!! The days I get to look forward too! Good times and classic moments, I love it.

Em said...

You just might have to put a little sign outside that says "Dear Santa, I can Explain" she must not get the concept of being good till Christmas yet. I love that she's all sneaky and cute like that.
P.s. You might wanna start carrying a key with you everywhere.

•stephanie• said...

seriously . . . did you REALLY have your camera with you to capture the moment? if so . . . you are an even more amazing blogger/scrapbooker. way to be prepared!

granny said...

Miss Chloe, that is not OK.
Miss Angie, glad you are OK.

Life is an adventure to be enjoyed...not just a problem to be solved. Wink. Wink.

Alisse Baldwin said...

I'm sure it wasn't as funny in the moment, but isn't it kind of hilarious now? I hope you're laughing along with us. :) That is too cute, Chlo Bow!

Unknown said...

H I L A R I O U S!! But probably not so much at the time!! ;)

{I'm glad you think I am cool, you are too sweet!}

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You gotta love the smart 2 year olds!

Coree Adams said...

I really am very glad that you got in your house safely...you should have let us come over and help you...or AT LEAST watched you climb through the window in all of your pregnant glory. LOL I'm sure it was a sight to behold. Love you girlfriend. Thanks for the call today, even if it was for Aces business purposes...it was still fun to hear your voice!

McMemories said...

Oh my gosh...so cute/naughty. Im sure if she just wanted a drink she'd only have to ask next time, not lock you out:) love her!!

Sassy said...

Kids...are just too smart these days...it would bug me more them drinking my soda than getting locked out...that is how bad I love those things....I seriously have no personality without caffiene!!! She sounds so grown up and soooooooooo smart!

J-mama said...

What a funny, crazy, yet sad moment! :( When did our kids get smarter than us? I think mine did the day after they were born!

Marilyn said...

hahaha! It's funny now-right? I accidentally locked myself out of my house once (can't remember how or why) when I was 9 months' pregnant with my first. I had to go to the dr. later that day and I was crying and confessing that I had crawled through the window on my stomach to get the keys. I was afraid I had damaged my baby! She's now 31 years old and doing fine-thanks!

Unknown said...

but, she is my type of girl. Gotta love her as she is smart. So sorry for your crawling moment.
P.s. She is just as cute as you!
p.s.s. remember when McDonalds had those slides with the tubes?
well Meliesa was 3 and was scared to come down and Mommy(me) had to climb up and rescue her, pregnant with my Andrew, only to get stuck inside. LOL What a moment.

Unknown said...

oh and guess what? Our prayers were answered, and I am going through the motions to become Foster parents. Whoo. Hoo.
Hope it works.

rachbechep said...

i had to laugh.
now, if it happened to me, i might not laugh...but you through in macgyver and brandon is obsessed with macgyver so it made me laugh harder.

go you angie!

...now come to IDAHO and i'll make you some pizza! :)