i kind of like packing...

is that weird?

there's just somethin' about sorting through your stuff, organizing, minimizing, labeling, boxing up, and taping....somethin' that makes me happy and kinda calm-ish, believe it or not.

{we'll leave the actual [moving] part to the boys.}


so, today i am packing.
[my guts out.]

we are moving.
to claud & mark's.
{on claud's birthday.}
[wish her a happy birth here.]
[oh! and don't forget dave too!]

we found the kindest lil snowbird couple to stay in our home for a time.

while they enjoy shuffleboard,cards and the beautiful az winter,
we will be contemplating our future and where/what that will be.
[oh, and also giving birth to our second child.]

who knows?
we might come back to this very home in gilbert?
[that's the current plan.]

or we might make home somewhere else for ourselves.


[keep your eyes peeled, ryan...]

we're keeping our options open wide for the universe to freely tell us what the very best one is for our little fam in 2009.

we are embracing change this year.

and we are eternally grateful to both of our families for being so supportive re: our newest nomadic adventure.

oh! and holly: thanks in advance for making me your famous popcorn on a weekly-ish basis.
i love you.
"lots of butter & salt."


{happy moving!}


The Wizzle said...

Wow, are you really moving today? I can't wait to see what exciting new adventure you guys end up on (of course, that's easy for me to say)...

runningfan said...

Ditto for the packing. Just be glad your baby is still in utero. Lots easier to enjoy yourself! Good luck with the transition!

granny said...

Happy Packing! Can't wait till you UNpack in residence~!

Marisa and Rob said...

Ditto on the Happy Packing!! :) We will miss you guys! Keep in touch! :)

Kaytie Brown said...

How bout Texas?? Yeah I'm thinkin Keller, TX (Mountain Oak street to be exact) sounds like the PERFECT next place for your growing lil fam to chill :)

katie said...

you're moving too?! how funny!

but hey, i have a proposition:
you come pack, clean, declutter, purge, and label my stuff; and in exchange, i'll hang out with cute chloe. :) sounds like a plan right?

haha...i wish.

well good luck with everything! we're trying to figure out where we're meant to be too. :)


kacee said...

I'm thinking Lehi could be full of possibilities and Pais and I are always up for another friend...

Good luck!

Kim said...

Wish your cute little family all the best with your move. You can look at it like a (long) vacation... and if your parents are anything like mine they will love getting to spend so much time with Chloe.

Holly said...

anytime sis :)

Brimley Family said...

Good for you that you like packing!!! I hate packing and moving!!! I am having sympathy pains for you. Last August-October I was going through the same thing you are!!! Pregnant, packing, and moving!!! I really, really hope we don't have to move for a long, long, long time!!! I must say this has been a good thing for us!!! So I am excited for you guys!!!

heather said...

Good luck to you on your adventures! And now I am seriously wanting some popcorn!

Kaelene said...

Ya, I need some popcorn, now! Thanks for planting that seed in my brain!!
Also, since you love to pack so much, would you mind terribly coming on over to my place and taking up where I don't want to?? I will gladly entertain Chlo bow for HOURS if you want! ♥

reddladybug said...

I too love getting rid of the unnecessary. Happy packing! You're in for a treat...living with Mark and Clod!

sandalloons40 said...

WELL, I am happy for you for whatever the Good Lord sees fit for your little family!

I have too been in our residence for almost 10 years, so that is finally the stable part,
but, for jobs, oh my since Lucky's/ABCO Foods closed 13 years ago, then I have been very job unstable. LOL

that's ok, as who said you really need to know what you want to be when you grow up??? LOL

Or where you really need to live??

Or the list goes on right?

I am glad you can get some rest for you as you Granny, can help with that precious little girl.
I want one more. (no I am just in the 40ish stage, where this type of thinking takes place) :)

Ashley said...

Wow, that's so great that you love packing! I sure don't! Next time I have to pack, I wish I could hire you to come do it for me. :)

Hansen Fam said...

I have been wondering where you guys have been!! I thought you went inactive!! I hope you can move back into the ward soon!! We miss you!

Coree Adams said...

Let us know if you need any help! Love you guys! {YOU TOO LIV!}